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When you think of an innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs, there are many gaps between research and development and start-ups, and between start-ups and companies.  One major gap occurs when labs, either university or federal, have IP that needs to be translated...

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I have supported entrepreneurial ecosystems in a number of cities over the last decade-Flint, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Evansville, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Memphis, and San Diego to name some. Nobody designs the perfect system and each community has...

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Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) today, announced $778,352 Economic Development Administration award to the Ohio Aerospace Institute. This award will help establish a partnership with other funds going to partners in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to focus...

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Regionerate is proud to have led the grant writing team for the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration’s Regional Innovation Strategies i6 challenge for the Hampton Roads Community.  Today, we learned that the region won the award to...