We’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients in a range of industries, delivering growth strategy consulting, helping them to define their community investment strategies and build organizations that are the obvious choice in the hearts and minds of their customers, employees and the community. Below is an example of one of our successful projects.



The Health Professions Education Consortium (HPEC), led by Rosalind Franklin University, was developing a cluster strategy to align market trends and employer demand in Health Care with education and workforce development activities.


In order to achieve clear and measureable strategies, HPEC engaged Regionerate to facilitate a two-pronged approach centered on rigorous quantitative analysis of industry, workforce and education as well as facilitated discussions, workshops and interviews. Quantitative analysis assisted in facilitating the direction of the discussions with key leaders and decision-makers in the community and county. Discussions and interviews helped to identify viable strategies through combining the leadership’s knowledge and network with the national experience and best practices developed by the consulting team.

The quantitative analysis of Health Care industries was broken into five (5) data-driven themes, specifically: industry analysis, workforce analysis, education analysis, supply/demand gap analysis, and occupation competency analysis.

Regionerate facilitated the development of solutions and customized strategies for the organization and its strategic partners based on alignment of national, state, and regional priorities and funding opportunities.

The work of the HPEC over the few years has resulted in significant learning, network building and capacity building for coordinating regional talent development. Thanks to the efforts of a broad array of regional partners and stakeholders and the HEPC leadership, our experience has served to strengthen capacity, preparing our region to accelerate innovation and serve as a model for other regions to use as a benchmark standard.

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